Churchill family in America

The family members of the Churchill and Schneider families centered in N.E. Wisconsin.

Badge of Merit

The writings of General Washington indicate that three badges, two Honorary Badges of Distinction and a Badge of Military Merit, were created on August 7, 1782. This is thought to be the first time in modern history that military awards had been presented to common soldiers. The practice in Europe was to honor high-ranking officers who had achieved victory, rather than honoring common soldiers. But in America, as General Washington said, the "road to glory in a patriot army and a free country is…open to all." source Wiki


From the 1600's down through today, the Connecticut branch of the Churchill family has been on the forefront of America.

Josiah Churchill arrived with the Connecticut company in Wethersfield, Connecticut in the mid 1600's. Records show his civic participation and eventual interment in the "ancient burying ground".

Josiah's descendants continually moved west as the nation was born and expanded, the Connecticut branch of the Churchill family is intertwined with America's history.

Additionally, our family is a family of patriots, Ezekiel Churchill received from the hand of General George Washington himself one of the first Badge of Merit's awarded to to the rank and file soldier. The Badge would later become the Purple Heart.

Alfred Wilson Churchill from; Michigan rode off to service under Brigadier General Custer in famed 7th Cavalry, surviving battles such as Gettysburg to fall at the Battle of Cedar creek. In our records you find his widow's pension request records.

In every form of engagement or war our family is represented. Uncles, brothers and cousins have all served in the United State's armed forces and continue to do so to this day.

On this site you are able to view and read records of familial triumph and tragedy.

Lastly without Robert L. Churchill who lost his parents at an early age and spent the rest of his life piecing together his heritage, this history would be lost.

Welcome to the Churchill and Schneider genepool.

Myrtle Churchill with her children: Robert and Lillian

Robert and Lillian lost their mother early in life, here is one of the only pictures of the three of them together.